2016 Submissions

Mercury Miscellaneous Song
Lord of Edges General Rock Song
Black Cherry Crush Dance Song
The Darkness Ambient Song
Blow Your Circuits Video Game Song
Pants Down, Volume Up Trance Song
Surrealia Ambient Loop
Wake The Dragon Miscellaneous Song
MTFT - Fuckin' Take It Trance Loop
Slash Friction Miscellaneous Song
Chimera's Lament Goth Song
Legion of Killjoys Cinematic Song
XXX-GO! Goth Loop
Bottomless Pit Miscellaneous Loop
Serpent's Tongue Classical Loop
Non Compos Mentis Video Game Song
Shots in the Dark Video Game Song
LoneMoon - Answer Me RMX Trance Song
26 Days Remaining Video Game Song
AI Supremacy Industrial Song
MTFT: Ryonani Video Game Song
MTFT: Insatiable Hunger Industrial Loop
Fire & Ice Video Game Song
Shadow Descent Miscellaneous Loop
BladeWing Destiny Video Game Song
Wishing for Death Classical Song
MTFT: Lemmy At 'Em Video Game Song
Orochimaru's Theme RMX 1.0 Dubstep Loop
CJRFM - Freaks In The Alley Drum N Bass Song
Therapy Keys Solo Instrument Song
Nuke It From Orbit Cinematic Song
MTFT: Bass Attack Video Game Song
MTFT: Demonic Zone-Tan! General Rock Loop
Forensic Love Affair Classical Song
"Turrets" Syndrome Miscellaneous Song
My First Adult Tantrum Comedy Voice
Lady of Blackest Intent Video Game Song
Butterfly Cannibal Queen Miscellaneous Song
[Endgame] Armageddon Intro Goth Song
All-Out Assault Video Game Loop
Defiler Miscellaneous Loop
No Rest For The Wicked Classical Song
Soul Edge Reborn Classical Song
The Wheatley Heist Part 1 Miscellaneous Voice
The Idea of You Trance Song
Valley of the Moon Drum N Bass Loop
Harem Girl's Revenge Cinematic Song
Purified Drum N Bass Song
Roller Girl With A Ballbat General Rock Loop
The Cry of Youth Trance Song
Shattered Illusions (Hi!) General Rock Song
Affectionately Yours Classical Song
Wrath of a Guardian General Rock Song
Neon Cadence Trance Song
The Winged Watcher Video Game Song
Black Widow's Lair Classical Song
Molech Awakened Classical Song
The Yukarimobile Heavy Metal Loop
Terbokannon Video Game Song
This One Life Classical Loop
Shadow Reapers General Rock Song
Shadow Assassins Miscellaneous Song
We Are Legion Miscellaneous Song
4chan and Friends Video Game Song
IKYWT - Cold Hard Remix Dance Song
Internet Fuckwad Theory General Rock Song
The Gamer Generation Video Game Song
Anonymous Critics Video Game Song
Voice Acting Demo Voice Demo Voice
Shadow Slayers Video Game Song
Shadow Runners Video Game Song
Dark Desires Goth Song
Succubus Dance Song
Shadow Games Video Game Loop
The Beast Within General Rock Loop
The Seven Bowls - WIP Miscellaneous Song
Lexus & Lincoln Techno Song
Skin Against Skin Trance Song
Time Trial -Crystal Gate- Video Game Song
Angelic Combat Heavy Metal Song
Hangover in Metropolis Hip Hop - Modern Song
Blood Massacre Classic Rock Loop
[>Can't Let Go<] Classic Rock Song
The Priestess of Gotham Goth Song
[>Gaia's Daughter<] Classic Rock Song
[>Volitile - Pyromaniac Mix<] Techno Loop
[>Hellhound<] Goth Song
[>Lady Malice<] Grunge Song
[>Snow Angel<] Miscellaneous Song
[>Shellshock<] Techno Loop
Volatile [AoP] General Rock Loop
Ze Ubercharge - TF2 RMX Video Game Song
Twisted Whisperer FIXED Techno Song
Twisted Whisperer [INST] Techno Loop
Chrome and Steel [DVT tribute] Techno Song
FOB Scarlet Skeleton full ver. Miscellaneous Loop
Victim of Science - Full ver. Miscellaneous Song
Victim of Science Miscellaneous Song
Shining White Knight Miscellaneous Song
The Source of All Miscellaneous Song
One Man Army [WIP] Miscellaneous Loop
Greed and Poverty Miscellaneous Loop
Mechanical Tyrant Techno Loop
R.I.P. Miscellaneous Loop
Starlet Disco Dance Song
Fortress of Sorrow Miscellaneous Song
Staredown Hip Hop - Modern Song
Significant Other Dance Song
Crawling out of Hell General Rock Loop
Expert Combatant Techno Loop
Thy Name is Desecration Video Game Song
Behind the Eyes {AoP} Miscellaneous Song
Towering Black Knight Miscellaneous Song
Dandelionade Trance Song
MATC - Stadium Revamped Video Game Loop
Dark Chaos Infusion Techno Song
Fun with Brass Knuckles General Rock Song
Field of Bones - Orchestra Mix Classical Song
Field of Bones - Original Mix Miscellaneous Song
This is...Love? Ambient Song
Grey Sky, Rocky Cliffs Classical Loop
And the Lightning Struck Twice Techno Song
The Necromancer's Cloak Techno Song
FlowerattheWarfield AmbientMix Ambient Song
The Locket - preview Ambient Loop
Sonnet for the Fallen Classical Loop
Immortal Fury General Rock Song
A Hurricane of Blood[Slayer] Miscellaneous Song
FlowMetal Advasary General Rock Loop
Claws, Mist, Bloodshed Techno Song
Battle on the Staircase Techno Song
Master of Midnight [DarkSwarm] Trance Song
Haunted {feat. Master Hand} Techno Song
Nitemere Goth Song
Furious Determination General Rock Song
Strike [preview] General Rock Loop